Funds for Cancer Research 2019

Thanks to the generosity of members, volunteers, taxpayers and supporters, and with the essential help of the external media, in 2019 AIRC and FIRC raised enough funds to donate 116.603.359 euro in favour of oncological research.

The funds were destined to:

Career StageGrant TypeAllocated FundsProjects approvedDescription
Junior ResearchersAIRC fellowships for Italy€  3.100.00057National and international fellowships aimed at completing the researcher’s training
FIRC-AIRC fellowships for Italy€  2.225.00031
iCARE-2 Fellowships 2019€ 3.517.16920
AIRC fellowships for abroad€  473.6686
MFAG (My First AIRC Grant) € 6.289.48073Transition to independence projects
Start-Up € 2.252.32414Grant awarded to researcher with a significant experience abroad willing to establish their laboratory in Italy
Established ResearchersIG (Investigator Grant)€ 58.230.452446Research projects carried out by established researchers
Research programs  Metastatic disease: the key unmet need in oncology€ 20.321.8439Multi-unit programs aimed at understanding metastatic disease and transferring the knowledge to the clinical setting
Accelerator Award€ 3.693.42313  
IFOM - FIRC Molecular Oncology InstituteFIRC contribution for research fundings€ 15.000.000- 
Investments for scientific equipment€  1.500.000- 
  € 116.603.359