Scientific Information

Knowledge is a crucial weapon to beat cancer, and AIRC knows it well. Over the years, we have been increasingly communicating the results achieved by research, as soon as laboratories made new data available.

AIRC's communication activities include the dissemination of scientific results and awareness raising projects, focused on prevention, as well as the promotion of fund-raising campaigns and schools projects. They are conveyed through our own channels and through the external media that generously support AIRC.

A fundamental magazine

"Fondamentale" is one of the most authoritative Italian publications in the field of oncological research for the lay public; it brings AIRC’s voice into the homes of supporters and serves as the ambassador of our mission to make cancer ever more curable. The marriage of scientific accuracy with an easy and informative language makes it an irreplaceable tool to convey reliable oncological information on the progress of research and the importance of prevention, divulging the latest on diagnosys and therapy.

AIRC school projects

We need the help of everybody to make cancer more and more treatable. By vocation, schools are a privileged place to build such awareness. AIRC provides educational material and promotes meetings, workshops and other initiatives aimed at teachers and students of all levels.

AIRC has long had an intense collaboration with schools, from preschool up to secondary schools, with the aim of bringing students closer to science and the world of cancer research, working together on topics such as solidarity and active citizenship, by means of targeted initiatives and communication strategies suitable for a young audience.

AIRCampus project

Knowledge, innovation, passion, a good cause, future: these are some of the values that guide the work of AIRC researchers, who are relentlessly at work in our country's laboratories. The same principles inspired AIRCampus, a project launched in 2016 to let AIRC meet up with Italian university students: together, for the future of cancer research.