Scientific Fellowship Committee

With the fair, independent and transparent AIRC peer review process only the most competitive and scientifically meritorious proposals are funded. Thus, the money donated to AIRC is used to support only the best research in the country.

Federico Caligaris Cappio Direttore scientifico
Federico Caligaris Cappio
Scientific Director AIRC

The members of the AIRC-FIRC Fellowship Committee (CTS-borse) are chosen among the best Italian cancer researchers and oncologists who volunteer their time and expertise to our Association.

The Committee's task is to review fellowships applications, for Italy and abroad. Every year in April AIRC and FIRC release a Call for applications, which expires in June. Applications to join a research laboratory in Italy are reviewed by three CSB members; applications for fellowships to go and work in a research center outside of Italy are reviewed by two Committee members and one international reviewer. The review process, which is completely on line, begins in July and is completed by the end of September; at the end of the review process a ranking is made, which is the basis for awarding the fellowships.

The periodic turnover of the experts on the Committee is a way to bring in new expertise, fresh ideas and different perspectives on a regular basis.



The 2018 Scientific Fellowship Committee