Scientific Committee

With the fair, independent and transparent AIRC peer review process only the most competitive and scientifically meritorious proposals are funded. Thus, the money donated to AIRC is used to support only the best research in the country.

Federico Caligaris Cappio Direttore scientifico
Federico Caligaris Cappio
Scientific Director AIRC

The members of AIRC's Scientific Committee are men and women at the forefront of Italian oncology who volunteer their time and expertise to the Association.

The team, assisted by over 600 reviewers in other countries, is fully committed to one of our most important tasks: the review and selection of the most promising research projects that are worthy of a grant from AIRC.

The committee's other responsibility is just as vital: to offer ideas and promote innovation in oncology.

Thanks to the different committees we have had over the years, AIRC has helped Italian research grow in new and promising directions. The special projects set up in the 1990s, for example, especially those on genetics and cancer, paved the way for research in the post-genomics era.

The periodic turnover of the experts on the Scientific Committee is a way to bring in new energy, fresh ideas, and different perspectives on a regular basis.


The 2018 Scientific Committee