Funds for Cancer Research

Thanks to the generosity of donors members, volunteers, taxpayers and supporters, and with the essential help of external media, in 2022 AIRC raised enough funds to distribute 137.392.353,92 euro in favour of oncological research’ projects and fellowships.

The funds were allocated to:

 Grant TypeAllocated FundsProjects approvedDescription
Junior ResearchersBorse di studio AIRC per l'Italia€  5.707.500,0083Fellowships for Italy and abroad, aimed at completing the researcher’s training.
Borse di studio AIRC per l'Estero€  760.869,647
Borse Bonadonna€  255.813,001
My First AIRC Grant € 10.948.121,57120Transition to independence projects.
Start-Up € 2.923.406,6618Grants awarded to researchers with a significant experience abroad, willing to establish their labs in Italy.
Bridge Grant€ 499.804,245

To help holders of a MFAG or a Start-Up grant at the last year of funding to better prepare for Calls for established researchers.

Established ResearchersInvestigator Grant€ 70.870.855,53561Research projects carried out by established researchers.
Research programsProgrammi di ricerca "5 per mille" sulla malattia metastatica€  20.857.300,008Multi-unit programs aimed at understanding metastatic disease and transferring the knowledge to the clinical setting.
Accelerator Award€ 3.415.754,0413 Five-year international programs promoted by Cancer Research UK (CRUK), AIRC and Fundación Científica - Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) to accelerate cancer research.
IFOMContributi per spese di ricerca e investimenti in attrezzature scientifiche€ 21.073.930,52- 
"Guido Venosta" Award and other institutional contributions € 78.998,72  
  € 137.392.353,92  


The amounts reported above have been approved by AIRC governing bodies. Approximately 25 million euros will be covered by earmarked funds.