Research Scientist Protein Biochemist

AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research (AIRC), one of the largest charities in Italy, is actively seeking to fill openings for a new research unit to develop the AIRC-IFOM Drug Discovery Program, to be established within the “Piattaforma congiunta integrata di ricerca e di ricerca traslazionale AIRC-IFOM”, located at IFOM.

AIRC supports thousands of scientists at the cutting edge of oncological research in Institutes and Universities throughout Italy. The scientific and clinical research activities of these investigators are key to the AIRC mission to find a cure for cancer.

IFOM is an internationally recognized non-profit cancer research institute supported by AIRC, based in Milan within a highly dynamic urban environment. IFOM continuous success is ensured by the recruitment of highly selected undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate researchers from over 24 countries worldwide.

IFOM is hosted within a research campus shared with the European Institute of Oncology and the Italian Institute of Technology.

About the position:

We are currently seeking a talented and experienced research scientist with experience in protein production and purification and biochemical assays to join our team. The successful candidate will work with our team to produce and to purify proteins of interest, and test them in various biochemical and structural studies. The ideal candidate will be proficient in the purification of highly pure recombinant proteins for use in biochemical assay as well as for structural biology from E. coli and baculovirus expression systems, and have expertise characterizing proteins in biochemical and biophysical assays.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, generate, and characterize recombinant proteins of interest in various cell types including E.coli and insect cells;
  • Purify protein of interest for biochemical assays and structural studies;
  • Characterize purified proteins by various biochemical, biophysical, and structural approaches;
  • Independently plan, design, execute, record, and analyze studies. Write and review technical protocols and reports. Present data to internal and external teams;
  • Establish productive working relationships with all team members;
  • Maintain high laboratory standards regarding quality and safety.

Job Requirements:

  • a PhD in in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology or related field;
  • 5+ years’ experience of relevant research experience;
  • Proven experience in molecular biology (i.e. plasmid design, cloning, DNA/RNA production, cell transfection, DNA and protein analysis via gels, PCR, pPCR);
  • Hands-on experience with protein engineering tools, including construct design, construction, expression using bacterial and mammalian/insect cell systems, purification/characterization, and optimization of recombinant proteins;
  • Substantial experience to execute protein purification using common chromatography methods (affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction, etc), using AKTA FPLC systems;
  • Knowledge of common methods for protein characterization including SDS-PAGE, western blotting, and spectrophotometry is required;
  • Previous experience with enzyme assay development and/or biophysical characterization of proteins is desirable;
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to work on multiple projects concurrently in a team-oriented environment;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills are necessary to report on and deliver scientific presentations.

Language skills: Fluent in Italian and English

What we offer/ Type of Contract: Permanent contract CCNL Chimico – Farmaceutico. Compensation and contractual classification will be commensurate to candidate expertise and experience.

The application, written in English, should include: a CV (including list of publications, thesis topic, and advisor, if applicable); a covering letter with concise statement of motivation and interest in the position, mentioning the position that you are applying for. Please send the application as a single PDF file to:

To learn more about AIRC, please visit: AIRC - Fondazione AIRC per la Ricerca sul Cancro.

To learn more about IFOM, please visit: IFOM Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment, based on mutual respect and the enhancement of diversity, offering equal job opportunities to all qualified candidates.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of, among other things, religion, origin, ethnicity, gender, age and disabilities.